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Why reseal or refurbish your Concrete Curbing?

At JB Custom Curbing, we specialize in concrete curb resealing and refurbishing, breathing new life into your landscape’s defining edges. 

Common reasons a customer may want to reseal their concrete curbing would be for long-term maintenance, to keep the shiny curbing appearance, or to change the colour of your curbing. Common reasons to refurbish your concrete curbing would be if you noticed a tree root pushing it up or you need to re-level it, or if you noticed minor cracking in your curbing you wanted to address.

Benefits of Concrete Curb Resealing

Resealing Benefits

Happy Curbing Customers

We’re proud of the customer experience at JB’s Custom Curbing. We encourage you to read our reviews on Google and Facebook to see what recent customers have had to say about our work.

Very professional, hard working business. Job took them only a day. Finished product was Great! Crew went above and beyond. Took time to clean up and leave me a better looking yard. I recommend strongly for any landscaping wants and needs.
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Kody K.
Superb service & beautiful work from JBs Curbing. Josh is friendly, knowledgeable and stands behind his work. Josh and his team helped me pick colors and patterns, took care of all the prep work and clean-up. We look forward to doing more this summer!
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Joanne P.
We had Josh refurbish our curbing in a few different spots around our home. He walked us through each step, answered all questions and provided suggestions. They left no mess, made sure we liked each step of the project. Would highly recommend Josh and his crew!
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Peggy F.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you reseal concrete curbing?

If you like the glossy, shiny curbing look you may want to re-seal your curbing every 1-2 years. Concrete sealing will perform for 2-4 years depending on sunlight and weather conditions. The sealer protects the concrete from weather and winter, strengthening the curbing for long-term durability.


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How can you tell when concrete curbing needs to be resealed or refurbished?

Curbing may need resealing or refurbishing if it shows signs of fading, cracking, or dullness or a change in color.

Curbing may need to be refurbished if you notice a tree root starting to push up the concrete curbing and making it appear unlevel or a safety hazard. Similarly if you see concrete curbing starting to sink in your yard or garden due to a soft spot. The good news is that refurbishing or resealing concrete curbing is a very cost-effective project.

Our team is equipped to restore your curbing and make it look new again! Regular inspection and considering factors like sun exposure and weathering help determine when maintenance is necessary.

What is the difference between resealing and refurbishing?

The difference between refurbishing and resealing in curbing lies in the scope of restoration. Resealing primarily involves the application of a new protective sealant to enhance the curb’s appearance and durability.

On the other hand, refurbishing addresses both the sealing process but also repairing or restoring the overall condition of the curbing, including addressing cracks, fading, or fixing rising or sinking curb issues.

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Why Choose Us For Your Curbing Project?

We take pride in our customer’s experience. From the moment you contact us, we’ll promptly schedule a FREE Consultation at your home and work with you to decide on which concrete curbing options work for your project.   

Our installations are quick, clean and efficient! Our team leaves no mess and most installs are completed in less than a day.

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