Slanted Curbing

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Why choose Slanted Curbing?

Slanted curbing is the most popular curbing with our customers. Homeowners love slanted curbing because of the design flexibility you get with it. JB’s Custom Curbing offers 9 different patterns for you to choose from (scroll down to see pattern options).

In addition to pattern options, we can use any colour you like for your custom curbing. This flexibility allows you to tailor curbing to your home’s architectural design. This is one of the reasons why custom curbing is an effective way to increase your property value and boost the curb appeal of your home.

Slant curbing in the style of smooth.

Curbing in ANY colour you DESIRE.

That’s why we call it custom curbing. You get to choose any colour that complements your home, and with slanted curbing you pair that colour with the pattern of your choice.

Choose Your Curbing Pattern

JB’s Custom Curbing offers 9 different patterns of slanted curbing for you to choose from.